People are crazy. All these Trump protesters have every right to protest our President, but what are they really expecting to accomplish? Do they really think they are going to convince us they are right by disrupting something we stand for? Do they really think they will gain credibility for their cause by causing trouble? Do they know how dumb they look? Unfortunately, all they are promoting (hate & violence) is exactly what they say they are defending against. When Obama was elected, I didn’t like it, but I didn’t bash windows or set things on fire because I disagreed. As an American, I accepted it and moved on. They should too. Instead, many on the far left are acting like wild out-of-control animals. They are increasing the division that I believe Obama started when he started relaxing our laws & morals on many things this country stands for. Bad people are always going to try to push the bounds of what they can get away with. We see it with pot, illegal immigration, abortion, and basically everything the left stands for. They don’t understand that responsibility is the price for freedom. The bigger question is how will they learn this? Once laws & morals are relaxed, it is much harder to reign things back in because people throw a fit when they are told ‘no’.